Michigan Panthers 1983 Games 1-3 Riddell Speed Silver Helmet

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  • "It's been noticed the comments on the color of the Michigan Panthers helmet. For what it?s worth, the "Helmet Project" disagree's and firmly believe that for their first season, or part of it, they wore silver helmets. they were a dedicated fan, and went to the games, and specifically remember the pants, which were ?Champagne? color, did not match the helmets until their second season./ I?ve also considered the fact that the facemasks were grey their first year, and purple the second year, and that maybe this caused some sort of ?optical illusion? that made the helmets look silver when they were actually ?champagne?. However, they discount that because whenever a player was holding their helmet next to their pants, there was a stark contrast. This contrast was gone in the second year".