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Mini Helmet Throwback Facemasks
Fits Riddell VSR4 , Schutt XP & Schutt mini helmets

All Throw back mini facemasks styles are no longer made.

So when these sell out they are gone.

Don't miss out on these GREAT Throwback mini football helmet facemasks.


Upgrade your mini Football Helmet with one of our 

authentic mini football helmet facemask styles,

Click here to order mini facemask clips. Throw back facemask DO NOT include facemask clips


Here are the steps to Build your own custom mini football helmet 


  1. Pick your style of helmet and color (white chin strap comes with all shells)
  2. Pick the style and color of facemask
  3. Pick the type of facemask clips
  4. Pick the color of your facemask clips
  5. Add player number
  6. Add side decals and Stripes
  7. Add Steel Rivets
  8. Add color of chin strap
  9. Add Front Bumper
  10. Add if you want it assembled or shipped to you unassembled


Pick your shell style and color

Schutt Notre Dame shell pictured

pick you facemask style and color

Schutt ROPU Forest facemask pictured

pick your facemask clips style and color

Arcrylic clear facemask clips pictured

Pick your side decals, stripes, front bumper,and player # 



Click here for Sale NFL Riddell Speed mini football helmets starting at $19.99 each


Get custom High School mini football helmets made,

click here for a price quote

Most Orders  will process an ship in 1 to 3 business day. 

If you need an order by a certain day, please call 407-808-1768 or email us for shipping options

GridironFootballHelmets@Gmail.com or jp@GridironHelmets.com


Gridiron Helmes ©2004 to 2023

All Helmets that are produced in house will be made with Riddell Speed mini helmets unless we still have the Schutt Xp helmet in stock.

*Schutt no longer makes  mini helmet shells and Schutt ropo mini face masks